Speedliner® Extends Invitation to Those Interested in Joining

As a highly sought-after brand in the bedliner market, becoming a member of the team generates a wide range of opportunities

(Houston, Texas)– Pickup truck sales are continuing on a long-running upward trend according to reports released by the automotive industry earlier this year, outpacing growth in car sales by a considerable margin. As this level of market domination continues, the search for protective bedliners gains speed. In response to the surging demand, Labita Boddie of Speedliner® has launched the Houston-based company’s latest offer to individuals and body shops interested in becoming a Truck Bedliner Dealer.

Said Boddie, “Speedliner® creates the most durable spray-in bedliners in the world. Our liners are durable and dependable and come in a variety of colors and applications. Our products are rated for superior performance and have undergone the scrutiny of intense testing for resistance to heat and UV wear that will often fade inferior products; in fact, independent laboratory tests show our spray-in bedliners to be 80 percent stronger than competitors’ options. All these attributes have helped us become the go-to deader for consumers. At this point, we’re extending an invitation to anyone interested in joining our team to help us better serve our continually growing market.”

Based on reports from the auto body industry, spray-on versions are currently the most popular bedliner choice among pickup truck owners. Reasons listed for preferring this option include low maintenance requirements, better coverage and superior damage prevention in comparison to other types of liners. Truck owners additionally point out the Spray On Bedliner offers universal fit whereas other choices must be ordered by specific truck model or trimmed by hand.

Research indicates Speedliner® has made a number of headlines in the automotive industry. The company was the first to design premixed bedliner systems as well as the first to incorporate performance enhancing elements such as rubber crumb, silica sand, aluminum oxide and Kevlar® into their products. At the same time, the company led the industry in offering primer adhesives and adding automotive paint to their bedliners for greater variety of color options.

Concluded Boddie, “Our spray-in liners are the best available, and we’ve built a reputation for leading the industry. In becoming a member of our team, Speedliner® dealers gain opportunities to cater to the massive and evergrowing pickup truck market; not to mention, our products are designed for use on specialty trailers, boats and a wide range of other vehicles. Our system is simple to learn and maintain, and we can help new team members get started for a reasonable price. We encourage anyone interested to contact us for more information.”

About Speedliner®:
Widely known for revolutionizing the spray-on bedliner market, Speedliner® creates products offering superior strength, durability and cosmetic appeal.

Media Contact:
Labita Boddie
Houston, TX 77047
(800) 766-3832

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