Speedliner® Product Lines


Speedliner® Spray Liner Products

If you have a special need, our polymer chemists are at your disposal to formulate or recommend the correct  Speedliner® product for your specific application.

Speedliner® Spray Liner Products - Applications include trucks, boats, trailers, exterior, and industrial applications

High performance urethane elastomeric coating designed for high build applications. We now have three formulations to choose from. When fully cured Speedliner® forms a tough, abrasive resistant rubber coating, suited for applications requiring protection from impact, abrasion or corrosion on metal, wood or concrete surfaces. Texture provides an excellent non-slip surface. Used as a spray in bed liner for the automotive industry for over twenty years, for water proofing boats and marine applications, excellent non skid and non slip on wood and concrete surfaces, Additives include kevlar® fiber for added cut and tear resistance, sand, or aluminum oxide grit may be added to achieve additional non-skid properties. Many colors available from our Speedliner® pigment series. We also have a specially formulated version for acid and alkali resistant or higher abrasion applications. All Speedliner® products are easy to apply with a standard hopper gun. Hardness 90-95.

Urethane primers are used to promote the bonding and adhesion of urethanes to surfaces. Most urethanes should be applied over a prepared primed surface for optimal results. We have developed special primers for specific application. Our primers range in applications for concrete, metal, unpainted metal, as a tie coat to fiberglass parts, flooring, pipelines, tanks, heavy equipment and wood. Our primer 450 has been used in the application of our Speedliner® Truck Bed liners for over 20 years. These primers can be applied with brush, rollers, dipped or sprayed with a low pressure sprayer. Any place adhesion to pre painted metal is desired.

We have a large variety of color pigments for all types of Speedliner applications. We will be happy to recommend the proper one for your project or specific color you may need. All of these works well when used with our Topcoats to add extra UV protection for special applications retain color and prevent fading on exterior surfaces.

This product series is very versatile in that it will work with all of our Speedliner® products. It is a two component aliphatic urethane coating offering resistance to corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, and impact and rated with the highest of commercially available coatings. This product can be applied by spraying with conventional airless or electrostatic applicators or maybe brushed on to achieve an excellent gloss and color retention for exterior surfaces. These coatings have been very successful over a urethane base coat on aircraft, railroad cars, ships, storage tanks, metal bridges, piping, and structural steel, and on wood, concrete, and some plastics, including vinyl. The finish is flexible with the use of plasticizers, so it is not subject to becoming brittle with age.

Every project has special requirements for the desired end result, whether it be a special color, finish, or surface. We offer colorants, dyes, tints to customize your project or meet your specifications. We offer Kevlar® brand fiber by DuPont™ for added strength, and protection from impact, other special additives for non-slip and safety surfaces and fire retardants for additional properties.

All of our products have multiple uses or may be customized to your particular applications.