Exterior Applications


Exterior Applications

For All the Surfaces That Need Protection

Exterior surfaces face consistent harsh conditions from sun damage, water, freezing temperatures, high winds, dirt and more. That’s a rough life – but Speedliner® spray-on liners provide the sort of protection that these surfaces need.

  • Any Exterior Vehicle Application:

    • Speedliner® spray in bed liner is not only applicable to the truck bed, but can also be used to coat the exterior of almost any vehicle, from wheel wells to running boards to headache racks and more, you can protect your entire vehicle and extend the life of your truck, jeep, boat, ATV, RV, and so much more! Use Speedliner spray on liner for the undercoating of vehicles to – protecting from dirt, sand, water, and other elements that are constantly driven over whether on paved roads, off-roading, or construction sites.
  • Construction and Heavy Equipment Coating:

    • Construction sites use many valuable tools and equipment that must endure outdoor conditions like rain, cold, heat, mud, and frequent use. Impact damage, along with wear and tear from conditions, can quickly shorten the lifespan of this equipment. Spray on protective coatings are an effective treatment for these problems. Our high-quality construction equipment coatings can help stop slippery surfaces with non-skid coatings, protect many different construction vehicles from the elements, and increase the longevity of everything from heavy equipment to toolboxes. You also want your equipment to look professional, which is why our liners come in 22 different colors and help with both logo and color retention.
  • Agricultural Equipment Coating:

    • Much like heavy duty construction equipment, farming equipment and storage deserves the best liner protection available. Farming equipment can’t take a day off: It must endure the worst weather and stay reliable for years. Moisture, dirt, and wear and tear can also make this difficult – and more dangerous for users. Our agricultural equipment coatings can provide non-skid protection where you need it most, prevent moisture from causing rust or other damage, and offer other benefits that can help increase the lifespan of your most important equipment.
  • Exterior Signs:

    • Outdoor signs and related logos or advertising need to be prominent – but this also puts them directly in the way of the harshest conditions in your climate. Give these signs extra protection with a resistant coating that will keep them looking good for much longer thanks to the color retention our coatings provide! Topcoats will give additional UV and protection when required.
  • Marine:

    • Water can be very damaging and corrosive for all kinds of marine products, and saltwater even more so. It’s important to keep liners in place and well-maintained to this type of damage to docking equipment, marine storage, and similar structures that spend a lot of time in water. Our spray-on liners are well suited for covering areas and shapes that can otherwise be difficult to protect, as well as making sure surfaces remain safe even when wet – Speedliner® creates a durable, non-slip surface. With the Speedliner series, you’ll find the toughest saltwater resistant coatings to protect your marine equipment.
  • Other Metal, Wood and Concrete Surfaces:

    • Speedliner® forms an extremely tough, abrasive resistant rubber coating, especially well-suited for applications requiring protection from impact, abrasion, or corrosion on metal, wood or concrete surfaces.

Learn more by contacting Speedliner to discuss the right solutions for your exteriors. We’re happy to help you find the liner you need and the application process that works best for you.