Industrial Applications


Industrial Coating Applications

At Speedliner® we take a great deal of pride in testing all our industrial sprayed coatings to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. Depending on your specifications, Speedliner® can help you determine which product is the right choice for you. From safety applications to chemical resistant applications, our industrial strength spray-in liners are the best solution for every industry. Advantages to incorporating industrial spray-on liners include:

  • Longevity: Equipment, especially equipment used on site, can last longer with a spray-on abrasion resistant coating that protects against impact damage, dust, and weather conditions. Our industrial coatings are also sprayed effectively so that they help waterproof edges and areas where pooling water can otherwise cause significant damage. This increases the longevity of equipment and the value it provides. Speedliner coatings can protect industrial metal, concrete and wood surfaces for many years, and can also repair or recondition any urethane or polyurea spray liner.
  • Safety: Non-skid coatings are also a good idea for safety practices in situations where workers may be at risk for slipping (scaffolding, ladders, and many surfaces in wet conditions). Choosing coating options with good grip and resistance features is a clear upgrade here. Other safety equipment may also last longer or prove more effective with a Speedliner® coating.
  • Easier Cleaning and Maintenance: Protective coatings make for faster cleaning and maintenance steps on equipment, which means more time spent on the job itself.
  • Less Noise: Liners also tend to reduce noise during tasks, especially when materials or parts are being moved. This not only creates a healthier, safer workplace, but also makes it easier for workers to communicate without getting distracted.
  • Resale Value: If your business counts on a certain amount of resale value for equipment, liners can help maintain equipment quality and ensure returns are up to expectations.

A Variety of Industrial Applications

Our versatile industrial coatings can be adapted to many industrial needs or projects in addition to those we have already mentioned, including:

  • Signs: Spray-on liners are a great way to protect industrial signs.
  • Storage: Storage sheds and trailers will last longer with a strong liner!
  • Bumpers: Beds aren’t the only parts of trucks that need protection – bumper liners are popular for delivery trucks and other applications.
  • Wheel wells: Another popular vehicle application for liners – especially for vehicles and heavy equipment used in agricultural, mining and refinery operations – is wheel well protection.
  • Grills: Protective grills throughout industrial spaces can benefit from liners to help prevent rust and wear.
  • Toolboxes: Even toolboxes and related equipment that need to last in a variety of conditions can benefit from a spray-on protective coating.

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