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Boat & Trailer Applications

Beyond Truck Beds

Truck beds are far from the only vehicle space used to haul supplies, carry equipment, and help with similar tasks. Many people rely on trailers for larger projects – or, when on the water, boat and barge transportation becomes necessary.

Speedliner’s spray in boat & trailer liner solutions are well suited to these transportation processes and the serious protections they need, whether you are using boats and trailers for recreational or commercial purposes.

Spray Liner for Boats: Superior Protection for Boats

Boat & Trailer ApplicationsDid you know that boats and other marine crafts are at risk for two types of corrosion? Both galvanic and stray current corrosion can damage sensitive parts on a boat. Even materials like aluminum that are considered corrosion-resistant can be damaged quickly when frequently exposed to water, and the effect is even worse in saltwater.

This is why boats usually have strong protective coatings, especially on the hull and surrounding materials. But these coatings aren’t always enough and can wear down over time…which is where our top-quality spray liners for boats can help. Our Speedliner® coatings will help prevent corrosion and UV damage from boating excursions, so parts last longer, paint resists cracking, and you save money on boat maintenance.

Why use Speedliner® for your boat and marine crafts?

  • Maximum U.V. Protection
  • Non-slip surface (in both wet and dry environments)
  • Corrosion & abrasion resistant
  • Protect from salt and sand
  • Waterproof
  • Variety of colors (22 standard colors to choose from)

Spray Liner for Trailers

Spray on Liner Protection for Trailers Trailers are used for hauling larger equipment or supplies that a truck cannot easily handle. Homeowners often use trailers to haul around motorcycles or other vehicles for off-road fun. Some owners have large sound systems and band equipment that they need to carry, while others may use trailers for landscape materials for important home projects.

Professional trailers, in turn, may need to haul anything from livestock to work site debris. In all these cases, trailers can get dirty – really dirty. Dust, dents, and corrosion from moisture can limit their lifespan and cause serious problems as time goes on.

Speedliner’s spray in trailer liner options, however, ensure that trailers stay strong for as long as possible. As with boats, a good liner can help prevent moisture from seeping in and causing damage to the surface, which eventually leads to rust. Our top-tier liner options also help protect trailer surfaces from UV light and can preserve color on painted trailers.

Why use Speedliner® for your personal and commercial trailers?

  • Excellent U.V. resistance and gloss retention (test show 80-89% retention after 2000 hours – over 2x as much retention than competitors)
  • Extend the life of your trailer
  • Recommended for interior and exterior trailer applications
  • Quieter Ride – dampens vibrations and quiets rattles and squeaks
  • Non-Slip surface
  • Resistance to scratches, rust and dirt
  • Performance enhancers – sometimes special circumstances require extreme solutions – add specialty enhancers such a rubber crumb, silica sand, aluminum oxide and Kevlar® brand fiber by DuPont™ to improve physical properties

Interested in finding out the best spray in liner solutions for your customers with boats and trailers? Contact Speedliner where we can answer specific questions and discuss how the application process works.