Liner Repairs


Spray In Bed Liner Repairs

Recondition And Repair Any Professionally Installed Urethane Or Polyurea Liner!

Repair or recoat any professionally sprayed-in bed liner with Speedliner® and reinforce your truck bed’s durability to withstand nearly twice the wear and tear of other bed liners.


  • Recoat or repair any professionally sprayed-in polyurethane or polyurea bed liner
  • Fix cosmetic issues like peeling or blisters, and change colors for better resale and a fresh look
  • Give customers peace of mind with the strongest coating material in the industry.
  • Improve the bottom line. Speedliner® enables dealers to use a small amount to recoat or repair a high-quality liner, improve appearance and performance.

Small repairs may benefit most with a patch, if the integrity of the liner is not compromised and the application is accurately mixed. Tip: Beware of over-pigmenting as this can diminish durability.(See guide)

Larger repairs benefit from a recoat applied by a certified dealer to ensure improved appearance, performance and durability. If properly prepared and mixed, the Speedliner® repair can last the lifespan of the liner beneath it. (See guide)

Speedliner Liner Repairs
Did you know? Accurate mixes and pigmentation levels are essential to ensure strength and durability. Luckily, our gallon kits are all premeasured to ensure you have the correct mixing levels!

Dealer Exclusive – Make more money today!

Speedliner® is a dealer exclusive product to ensure product durability with accurate preparation, mixture and application.

Find a Speedliner Dealer - Become a Speedliner Dealer - World's Toughest Spray On Bed Liner
Become a Speedliner Dealer - World's Toughest Spray On Bed Liner
The Bed Liner Repair Process
  1. Prep: Rough up the surface to facilitate better bonding
  2. Clean: Apply solvent to clean the liner area of debris and ensure complete dryness
  3. Prime: Prime the surface with Primer450
  4. Spray: Apply Speedliner® coating materials
  5. Cure: 1-2 days and the liner is as good as new!
    (See guide)