World's Toughest Liner

Independent laboratory tests prove SPEEDLINER® 1000 outperforms all other bedliner systems in two critical areas.

Speedliner's colors are formulated to last!

MAXIMUM STRENGTH means maximum protection for your vehicle

SPEEDLINER® 1000 is the tough, worry-free protection you're looking for!

  1. SPEEDLINER® 1000 holds up better against rips and tears that may be caused by sharp-edged cargo
  2. SPEEDLINER® 1000 better resists the effects of most common chemicals – including fuels, fertilizers, chlorine bleach and corrosive materials

Independent laboratory test results prove SPEEDLINER® 1000 can withstand much higher levels of extreme use without adverse effect. To see all the test results, click here.

Fading competitor's liner.

Maximum strength also means maximum protection from the sun, preventing color loss

  • Other liner products will normally begin "chalking up" and "fading out" after just 3 months of exposure to the sun's Ultra-Violet (UV) rays.
  • SPEEDLINER® 1000's advanced chemistry conquers early fading. This is proven by extensive independent lab test results conducted under intense UV ray conditions.
speedliner dealer

Don't Take Our Word For It – Ask and Compare!

Your SPEEDLINER® 1000 dealer will be happy to provide further details related to the independent test findings described here.

If you're considering other liner systems, also ask those dealers for their published tensile resistance, tear resistance and abrasion resistance test results.

And if they do make this available, you'll very quickly see that there's really no comparison. Our test results are significantly higher... by as much as 100%.

SPEEDLINER® 1000 is the tested winner, hands down!

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