Hopper Gun Spray System

Speedliner 1000

Truck Bedliners, Trailers, Boat Decks, Rocker Panels, Stairs, Walkways, Floors, Farm Equipment, Tool Boxes, Truck Accessories, Jeep (Interior and Exterior), Speaker boxes, and more.

Minimum 3 HP (230 V, 1 phase) 2 cylinder with 60-gallon tank capable of 11.3 CFM @ 90 psi to be used exclusively for equipment only. Automatic drain is highly recommended.
Minimum 5 HP with 80-gallon tank may be necessary if others in the shop will be using air tools simultaneously.

hopper gun

The spray air needs to be less than 5% relative humidity as it leaves the gun.
A 3-in-1 refrigerant dryer for you compressor is mandatory.
Air membrane dryer is mandatory.

APPLICATION AREA – for truck bedliners only
One truck: 16ft wide x 16ft deep x 11ft high (minimum)
Two trucks: 24ft wide x 18ft deep x 11ft high (minimum)
Flourescent lighting
Tar paper on floor with duct tape
Polyethylene curtains capable of completely enclosing spray area (NFPA 701 compliant)
Ventilation fans must exhaust air 2-3 times per minute. Forced makeup air will be required. Heated air will be needed in colder climates. Note: To determine the CFM of exhaust fan, take total volume of the room and double that number. 3,000 cu ft room will require 6,000 cu ft fan.

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