Speedliner® 1000 Test Results For Spray-In Bedliners

The following are the reports from a variety of tests that show the high performance you get from SPEEDLINER. These are not “in-house” tests, but tests conducted by independent, impartial laboratories.

Test Results

Test results for spray-in bedliners performed in independent labs show that Speedliner 1000 is the most durable spray-in bedliner solution on the market. Spray-in Bedliners undergo many rigors in “real-world application.” At Speedliner we have tested our products to make sure that not only do they outperform our competitors, but the exceed the expectations of our customers that use them every day. When evaluating a spray-on bedliner application the tensile strength of the spray on bedliner, the tear strength of the the spray-in application, resistence to abrasion, elongation properties amongst others are tested to ensure that your finished spray-in bedliner products are tried and true. The test results for Spray-in Bedliners are conclusive. Speedliner 1000 is the leading spray-in Bedliner solution on the market!

Speedliner 1000
Actual Results
Tensile Strength 5638 psi Actual Results (PDF)
Tear Strength 990 lbs/in Actual Results (PDF)
Abrasion test 4.4 mg loss per 1000 rev Actual Results (PDF)
Elongation 442% Actual Results (PDF)
Hardness 95-90 Shore A N/A
Flammability 0 burn rate Actual Results (PDF)
U.V. Strength 80-89% gloss retention after 2000 hours Actual Results (PDF)
Di-Electric Strength 278 V/mil (+/-35) Actual Results (PDF)


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