Speedliner® 1000 vs. Line-X®

Speedliner® 1000 proves itself to be the best in the test lab.  The following compares Speedliner® 1000 to Line-X® coatings to illustrate Speedliner® 1000's  superiorty in performance.

Speedliner® 1000 has undergone rigorous testing in order to accurately measure its performance in a variety of areas with the EXACT same testing methods. Listed below are the actual Speedliner® 1000 test results performed by independent laboratories. The “Actual Results” links will show you an exact copy of the laboratories’ findings for each test.

For comparison purposes, we also show the physical properties of our competitor, Line-X® http://www.linex.com/Primary/Competition.aspx.   Line-X numbers posted here are taken from Line-X's® own website at www.linex.com.com on May 1, 2008.

We strongly encourage you to compare our results to those of all our competitors. You will not find a stronger, more reliable, more colorfast liner anywhere!


Speedliner® 1000 v. Line-X®

Test Speedliner® 1000   Line-X® Speedliner® 1000 Advantage
Tensile Strength 4700 psi Actual results 2066 psi 127% stronger
Tear Strength 865 lbs/in Actual results 600 lbs/in 44% stronger
Abrasion test 4.4 mg loss per 1000 rev Actual results N.A.
Elongation 570% Actual results 93% 533% stronger
Hardness 92 Shore A   50 Shore D
Flammability 0 burn rate Actual results N.A.
U.V. Strength 80-89% gloss retention after 2000 hours Actual results N.A.
Di-Electric Strength 278 V/mil (+/-35) Actual results N.A.


Line-X® is a registered trademark and is headquartered in Santa Ana, California