Speedliner® Series

Speedliner Spray-in Bedliner Advantages

  • Unparalleled Strength
  • Maximum UV Protection
  • Quality Automotive Colors
  • Protects from Corrosion
  • Quieter Ride
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Specialy Enhancers
  • Multitude of Applications

Unparalleled Strength

Speedliner 1000 is the world’s toughest spray-on bed liner. Independent laboratory tests show Speedliner to be 80% stronger than competitors’ spray-in bedliners. Your truck bed can withstand nearly twice the abuse of other spray on bed liners. Ask our competitors for their independent results and compare! (see our test results here)

Maximum UV Protection

Speedliner offers the most UV protection available of any other competing spray-in bedliner. Your new bed liner will keep its quality color over time and not fade or “chalk” like other liners. Chalking is caused by weathering in inferior products.

Quality Automotive Colors

Choose from a variety of high performance automotive spray in bedliner colors to match or complement the color of your truck. Pick one of our 18 standard colors:

White1 White

Dove Grey1 Dove Grey

Medium Grey2 Medium Grey

Charcoal Grey1 Charcoal Grey

Black1 Black

Medium Green1 Medium Green

Camo Green1 Camo Green

Emerald Green1 Emerald Green

Dark Green1 Metallic Dark Green

Medium Blue1 Medium Blue

Indigo Blue Metallic1 Indigo Blue Metallic

Dark Blue1 Dark Blue

Desert Tan1 Desert Tan

Yellow1 Yellow

Orange1 Orange

Red1 Red

Garnet Red Metallic1 Garnet Red Metallic

camo brown1 Camo Brown

Custom colors – since Speedliner spray-on bedliners can be mixed with standard automotive color tints, any color is possible!

Protects from Corrosion

The airtight fit permanently seals and guards your truck bed from dirt, water and chemicals that cause rust and corrosion. Other spray-in bedliners do not provide protection like Speedliner.

Quieter Ride

Speedliner spray-in bedliner quiets rattles and squeaks by dampening vibrations originating from the bed of the truck. This dampening gives the driver and passengers a quieter ride.

Non-Slip Surface

Speedliner spray-on bedliner keeps your cargo from slipping and sliding. You’ll have the peace and satisfaction of knowing the non-slip surface that Speedliner provides will prevent damage to both your truck bed and its cargo.

Specialy Enhancers

Sometimes special circumstances require extreme solutions. Speedliner spray in bed liners can boost certain physical properties, such as non-skid or tear strength, by adding special enhancers.

Multitude of Applications

Speedliner spray on liners can be used in a variety of applications. Here’s a short list of recommended uses:

Truck Bed Liners
Boat Decks
Rocker Panels
Livestock Trailers
Jeep Floors
Utility Trucks
Hunting Vehicles
Salt Trucks
Fire Trucks
Airport Baggage Tractors & Trailers
Custom Audio Speaker Cabinets

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Speedliner Series

High performance urethane elastomeric coating designed for high build applications. We now have three formulations to choose from (see chart below). When fully cured Speedliner forms a tough, abrasive resistant rubber coating, suited for applications requiring protection from impact, abrasion or corrosion on metal, wood or concrete surfaces. Texture provides an excellent non-slip surface. Used as a spray in bed liner for the automotive industry for over twenty years, for water proofing boats and marine applications, excellent non skid and non slip on wood and concrete surfaces, Additives include kevlar® fiber for added cut and tear resistance, sand, or aluminum oxide grit may be added to achieve additional non-skid properties. Many colors available from our SL pigment series. We also have a specially formulated version for acid and alkali resistant or higher abrasion applications. All Speedliner products are easy to apply with a standard hopper gun. Hardness 90-95.

*Kevlar is a registered trademark of the EI Dupont Corporation.

Speedliner 1000

Our #1 product for Spray in Bedliners, used all over the world for over 20 years for trucks, hunting equipment, ATV’s, emergency vehicles, exterior coatings, boats and marine applications, wood, concrete, non-skid applications, and abrasion resistance.


Speedliner CRX

SL-CRX specially formulated to for use in applications requiring extra resistance to acids and alkali. Still the same properties as Speedliner 1000, and used in all applications but with extra protective values. Used when exposure to sea water, chlorination, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, ammonia, clorox, hydrofluoric acid, ad phosphoric acid are present. (see tech data sheet for percentages).

Speedliner Epic

SL-Epic is the extra tough abrasion resistant formula suited to uses in the industrial and commercial areas. SL-Epic is recommended for use in bedliners and coatings in construction equipment, salt and ice vehicles, any application where extreme conditions and exposure is present.


Speedliner 1000 Low VOC

SL-1000 Low VOC is California Compliant Rule 1151. It can be used for trucks, hunting equipment, ATV’s, emergency vehicles, exterior coatings, boats and marine applications, wood, concrete, non-skid applications, and abrasion resistance.


All of our products have multiple uses or may be customized to your particular applications.

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